GIFE Conference is the main philanthropic event in Brazil. Since 2000 it has been held every two years. The event gathers main leading foundations and social investors in Brazil in addition to heads of civil society organizations, academics, consultants and government representatives, opening room for learning, networking and exchange of experiences.

The GIFE Conference 9th edition

In 2016 GIFE Conference will be held from March 30 to April 01 in São Paulo – the city housing most of social investors in Brazil. The selection of the capital of São Paulo state to host the next meeting evidences GIFE’s intention to expand participation of national and international leaderships. The official schedule and open activities to be developed in GIFE Conference 9th edition are expected to gather 1,500 individuals interested in debating main issues currently posed to the Brazilian philanthropic sector.

The Topic

The 9th GIFE Conference aims at debating the public dimension of philanthropy.

The links between public and private are in the heart of the concept of philanthropy: the use of private resources for public interest causes. However, the development and diversification of investment strategies brought about new compositions for the relationship between these dimensions: partnerships with public administration through arrangements based on PPPs – Public Private Partnerships; attempt to generate social impact through alignment with corporations; co-investment partnerships; impact investment and other ways to use resources and actors – both public and private ones – for the common good. Although potentials and opportunities are huge, there are risks and tensions ensuing from the appropriation of public by the private – effectively, potentially or in the public perception.

Debates on major national issues have identified the influence of private over public as one of the key issues for political reform and to build ethical and transparent relationships between both spheres. In this sense, there are opportunities to advance regulatory changes, self-regulation initiatives and efforts of social control on the State and public policies.

By recognizing that institutes and foundations may influence public and private actors, their contribution can go beyond projects and programs sponsored by them.

The 9th GIFE Conference will discuss current public-private relationships based on the work of institutes, foundations and corporations engaged in social investment.

Official Program



Official Conference opening

Contextualization: public dimension of philanthropy

Opening Plenary: “The Brazil we have, the Brazil we want”

Views based on politics, justice and society on current scenario and how business leaders perceive Brazil today

Coffee break

Keynote speaker

Philanthropy and inequalities - Darren Walker (The Ford Foundation)

Coffee break

Videocamp: the beginning of life

Exhibition of the film followed by debate

Democracy in the 21st Century

The field of political innovation

SDGs in municipalities

Multi-sector implementation arrangements

Between public and private

Dilemmas of alignment between social investment and business

Philanthropy models I

Views about philanthropy and its tax and regulatory model

Cross-sector coordination

A working field in Health

Coffee break

Faces of co-investment

partnerships between social investors

Mining, dialogue and transparency in the construction of public meaning

Communication of causes

Philanthropy models II

Paths towards regulatory changes

Collaborative governance: connecting private social investment and public policies


BNDES in private social investment arrangements

Being stone is easy, hard is to be the window

Launching of GIFE transparency panel and governance indicators

Public-private coordination for more and better education

Philanthropic capital in support of the Impact Business ecosystem

innovative financing models

Coffee break

Myths and facts about private social investment in Brazil

Plenary session: Philanthropy in the Brazil that is possible

Coffee break

Closing Plenary Session: the Brazil that is possible





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